April 19, 2009


The atmosphere in the Cafe Bongo
is perpetually criss-crossed
by so many silent messages
that, were they visible,
the whole dive would be
rainbow-colored spiders' webs
from floor to ceiling:
red strands of lust,
blue longings, waitings, and hopings,
tingling yellow signals that it's time
to take the first step — permission's
been covertly asked and covertly granted —
and, naturally, there has also to be
some coal-black thread
of contempt and disappointment
and outright hatred.

— Johanna Sinisalo, "Troll: A Love Story"

April 12, 2009


The key to transcendence
is language itself.
Creation takes place
through words,
a series of "And God Saids"
bringing each new stage
of life into being.

Language is God's divine power
made manifest in the world.

— Myla Goldberg, "Bee Season"

April 7, 2009


"You ask me for intimacy,"
Marie was telling her husband
of 22 years, Clem — and,
unavoidably, the therapist
and four other couples in the room —
"the same way you ask
if I'd like croutons on my salad."

She spoke slowly, deliberately,
each word chipping out of her mouth
like an ax striking wood.

— Laurie Abraham, New York Times Magazine article Aug. 12, 2007