June 25, 2011

Cool-looking authors No. 11

L. Lamar Wilson, poet featured in "The 100 Best African-American Poems" and a good all-around person.
(Photo by Rachel Eliza Griffiths)

June 20, 2011


have losers
as well
as winners.

— Albert E. Cowdrey, "The Bogle"
(short story, Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, Jan/Feb 2011)

June 14, 2011

Cool-looking authors No. 10

Arthur Rimbaud (French poet, stopped writing around age of 21; died at age 37 in 1891)
(Photo by Etienne Carjat)

June 13, 2011


The voices in the books
were like the voices of the dead.
I did not hear them.

— Sherwood Anderson, "The Other Woman"